Religion and Aid in Dying

Kelsey Dallas interviewed me as part of her research for this long and well written piece for Deseret News on religion and aid in dying. You can read the entire article here. And here’s a clip:

“As faith leaders lend their voices to these legislative debates, they also explore and express how morality informs end-of-life care. Arguments for and against medically assisted suicide no longer center just on the ethics of suicide, but, instead, on how much pain a patient should be expected to endure before they look for a way out and how far God’s love reaches into the midst of suffering.

Advocates for end-of-life care without the assisted suicide option, such as the Roman Catholic Church, argue that while a terminally ill patient might feel like a financial and emotional burden, he or she remains precious in the eyes of God.

But people of faith who support medically assisted suicide, such as Will Irwin, a retired federal administrative appeals judge and member of the United Church of Christ, believe that God would support providing a way for people in pain to welcome death.”


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