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Looking for more on The Good Death? Here are some links and updates from the last few amazing months.

6.1.2016 – A conversation with Alison Biggar for Aging Today, a publication of the American Society on Aging.

5.28.2016 – Best tweet ever!

Alizah Salario @Alirosa 24h24 hours ago
My honeymoon reading list is set: @emmastraub “Modern Lovers” @otherspoon’s “The Good Death” & @paula_span’s Kindle single on @JohnJpshanley

5.24.2016 – I gave a talk for the Westchester End of Life Coalition at Concordia College in Bronxville. The audience of about 50 people was primarily nursing students and teachers, fulling engaged and whip smart.

5.3.2016 – I wrote an op-ed for The Guardian on Prince’s death and opioid use.

5.1.2016 – Conscience Magazine, a publication of Catholics for Choice, noted The Good Death in their May issue.


5.2.2016 – My monthly column, “The Patient Body,” for The Revealer, a publication of The Center for Religion and Media, was on calls for religious sensitivity training for doctors.

4.27.2016 – I was in Boston to give a talk on The Good Death at Novartis pharmaceutical company (like being in the lion’s den!) and then another that evening at Harvard Book Store, with incredible Katherine Stewart as co-respondent.

4.23.2016 – Marian Ronan, a research professor of Catholic Studies at New York Theological Seminary, reviewed The Good Death for Marginalia at the Los Angeles Review of Books…and confirmed once and for all that, no, I’m not anti-Catholic.

4.1.2016 – Charming Midwest Book Review covered The Good Death for their April issue.

4.22.2016 – While in Los Angeles, I reported out this story about burial of mass murderers for the Washington Post which appeared on the cover of the Outlook section.

4.15.2016 – I wrote an op ed for The Guardian on Canada’s move to legalize aid in dying.

4.10.2016 – Audible made The Good Death an audio book!

4.14.2016 – My interview with journalist Doug Henwood on The Good Death for Left Business Observer.

4.7.2016 – My essay for the Well section of The New York Times on the plight of widowers.

4.6.2016 – Buzzfeed’s Jina Moore schooled Gay Talese by naming 68 women writers that he should read–including me!

4.4.2016 – Ann Mandelstamm reviewed The Good Death for The Humanist. She wrote:

“The subject of this extraordinary book is heavy, but Neumann sprinkles it with delightful and touching stories of real people facing death (names changed, of course). She understands that this final stage of life can be acceptable, even empowering, if a person is lucky enough to experience “kindness, attention, and friendship of the human heart.” What renders dying terrible is unbearable pain, confusion, and a sense of being abandoned. She advocates strongly for everyone to have the right to say how much suffering he or she is willing to endure.”

4.1.2016 – My super fun piece on cults and capitalism, “Taking Liberties,” appeared in Issue 30 of The Baffler. You can read it here.

3.10.2016 – C-SPAN’s Book TV recorded an event that included other Killing the Buddha contributors (Scott Korb, Peter Manseau, Gordon Haber) and took place as Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn on March 10. You can watch the video here.

3.30.2016 – Kathleen Stephenson of KBOO’s Radiozone had me on the show to discuss The Good Death.

3.28.2016 – I was on Airtalk with Larry Mantle on KPCC, talking about The Good Death. You can listen here.

3.28.2016 – My talk with Point of Inquiry’s fabulous Lindsay Beyerstein is here.

3.24.2016 – Powell’s Books and Death with Dignity’s Peg Sandeen hosted an energetic and packed reading of The Good Death.


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